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Looking for script writers.

2009-06-12 18:15:05 by dodgyrommer

Have a script but no artist? Send it over to me and I'll see what I can do, for writing is not my strong point. Also, I need male voice actors that can record in high quality.


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2009-07-01 15:09:44

Well, I haven't written scripts in a while. Not since High school anyway. However, I do love writing and if your looking for a writer to collaborate with I am more than happy to lend my talents. I also do voices but I'm not sure if they'd be up to your standards nor am I sure that I have adequate recording hardware. So... yeah, writing is mostly my bag.

I'd like to talk to you more about this. Please PM me or let me know when your usually on AIM. Plus, I do live in the Independence area so if you want to get in touch via telephone you don't have to worry about long distance. Unless your on the Kansas side of Kansas City. :P

dodgyrommer responds:

No, it's alright. I try to log on to NG but I forget a lot. If you would like to talk over AIM my screenname is toxicrommer, or MSN try
Til then.


2009-07-03 13:58:40

You said something about a male voice actor? I don't know what you consider high quality, but I'll try. Just let me know.


2009-07-04 14:52:06

I do voices Dodgyrommer. Let me know what you need. I specialize in goofy stuff, but i can also be serious. As for the writing, i write funny comics, so PM me if you're interested. If you do, let me know where to send some of my comic and voice material. Thanks! I'm looking forward to your PM!

dodgyrommer responds:

Please get in touch with me.


2009-07-06 16:57:14

i have a great idea for a flash about nature '3'


2009-08-09 08:44:20

I can record in high quality, but my voice sounds like a british teenagers.


2009-08-15 13:52:48

Hey there, I have a script if you want to check it out.


2009-09-11 19:27:56

Heyyy i didn't realsie you were on here :)


2009-09-14 10:49:20

If you're looking for scripts, check out the script store where all scripts are free: http://betteratbrawl7777alt.newground s .com/


2012-12-03 11:32:56

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